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 Hey guys {Enzo}

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Hey guys {Enzo} Empty
PostSubject: Hey guys {Enzo}   Hey guys {Enzo} I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 08, 2011 9:17 am

Hey guys just thought id drop by and say hi

I've recently started to play on the MG server my in-game name is Enzo but square toold me to register my name on the forum as my steam name so thats why i've got two different names on here.

My real name is Jason, i'm 22 and i'm from the UK, square told me that this clan or community is a couple of months old and i think its got real potential to become a bigger and great community, i love the name i think its a good community name.
I'd like to help you guys out on expanding the community and i will be staying active on the servers, id just like to know a couple of things about this clan/community

1. Is it a clan or community?

2. How do i join it and get the JAG tag?

3. What is it all about and what are your future plans for JAG?

4. How long ago was it created?

5. how many admins are there and how old are they?

Thanks - Enzo
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Hey guys {Enzo} Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hey guys {Enzo}   Hey guys {Enzo} I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 08, 2011 12:13 pm

Welcome to JAG Enzo Very Happy I hope you stick around and have a great time playing with us!

In the mean time I'll try my best to answer your questions Smile

1. I don't think it's actually been formally clarified if I'm honest but personally I see us as more of a community. Don't get me wrong we have been brought together around gaming but what has kept us together is that we always have fun! Because without that, whats the point? Razz Everyone in JAG is really kind, easy going and I've come to think of many of them as good friends which is something you rarely find outside of great communities Smile

2. Well signing up on forums and introducing yourself is the hard bit of the joining process so your almost done! You can join our public steam group here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/JustAwesomeGaming . Once you've done that we can invite you to the JAG official group, where we have our most up to date information available to our more dedicated members.

3. I think our name sums it up, and its a good sign that you like it - literally, just awesome gaming. I think we strive to make sure you have the most fun and entertaining gaming experience possible and that you are able to have a laugh with our great members Smile As for the immediate future we are recruiting new members, expanding our range of servers and trying to get the word of JAG out there so that hopefully donations come in and we can keep running Razz In the long term though, we have a number of ideas in the pipeline that will keep JAG innovative and exciting even years down the road Smile You'll just have to watch this space!

4. For the specific date, Fuster, Orange and square eyes are your best bet because JAG was around a while before the first server was bought and before I joined. I have been involved since about may/june of this year and so I think a few months will probably be a reasonable time frame - we are still a very young community whatever way you look at it! Razz

5. The three founders, as mentioned above, are the head admins, the main rule makers and the final say in all things JAG. As far I'm aware they are all 17 give or take a few months. But they are always looking for other quality admins who can benefit the community and so if you want you can make an application here http://justawesomegaming.forumotion.com/f9-admin-moderator-application . So far, two admins have been accepted this way, me and jazz. The only other way to get admin will be to donate but this will be closely monitored for abuse and lasts for a limited time period, normally a month. Naturally ages in these admins will vary because admins at JAG are chosen by their loyalty to the community and their maturity to handle the responsibilities that come with being an admin. However, almost invariably, it is our older players who meet the required criteria for admin and so are more likely to be accepted Smile

Anyway, I hope I've answered all your questions! I apologise for the essay but once you have been in JAG a while you'll realise I'm infamous for them Razz

Kind Regards,
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Hey guys {Enzo} Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hey guys {Enzo}   Hey guys {Enzo} I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 08, 2011 1:23 pm

Fine Speech Mad Razz

Welcome Enzo, Hope You'll Have a Great Time In JAG!
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PostSubject: Re: Hey guys {Enzo}   Hey guys {Enzo} I_icon_minitime

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Hey guys {Enzo}
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