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 TF2 Server Map Ideas

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PostSubject: TF2 Server Map Ideas   Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:04 am

I am aware that JAG having a TF2 server is currently something in the works and so I thought it might be a good idea to set the ball rolling regarding what map / maps to you use.

TF2 is a great game which many of us play and has a huge fanbase, especially now the influx of new players since TF2 was made free to play, so I definetely think getting this server online is an important priority Smile

Over time I played much TF2, probably over 500+ hours (something I'm not sure whether to be proud of Razz ) and so naturally have played many different maps. Two main things have stuck out for me:

1) 24/7 servers are far more sucessful than rotation - often when people go to play they know what map they fancy playing and they dont want it dictated to them by what the server fancies on a rotation. You can confirm this by looking at server rankings and seeing how few rotation servers there are in top 100 .

2) It is rare to find a good custom map 24/7 - most servers offer the standard maps especially 2fort, dustbowl and goldrush. Often custom maps are only really offered by larger clans who have many servers and they might have a custom map rotation, its very rare to find a decent server hosting a less well known map yet often that is exactly what people want to play, as a change from the norm.

As such my personal recommendation is for a map called cp_blackmesa_final http://www.gamebanana.com/maps/94083 and to have it 24/7.

It is a control point map like granary, set in blackmesa from HL1 but importantly is by far my favourite TF2 map of all time. It is very well balanced, great fun and any time i've seen this map hosted, it is absolutely packed with players. Funnily enough, its this map that led me to my first clan, the name blackmesa drew my eye to it in a list of servers and once i played it i was hooked. Because it was the only server i knew of that hosted it, I just kept playing! Hopefully it could do the same for JAG Smile

What does everyone think? I am aware that many of you will not have played this map before so cant necessarily comment on it but take my word its good fun. Does anyone have any other suggestions of their own? Please comment and let's get the JAG TF2 server to be as good as it can be!
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TF2 Server Map Ideas
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